Submit HTML Form to Google Sheets with PHP

Html php google sheets

Submit HTML form to Google sheets is convenient when we have requirement to just collect data form user or customers, while maintaining corporate consistency, without costly development. We can create a form in our website and save submitted form data in google sheets.

LDAP Authentication in Laravel Application


LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is a lightweight client-server protocol for accessing directory services. A directory is similar to database but contains more descriptive and attribute -based information. It is a hierarchical database where data is stored in tree like structure, where leaf node holds the actual data. Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle […]

Custom Artisan command: Create one

Custom Artisan Command in Laravel

Artisan is the command-line interface included with Laravel, driven by Symfony Console component. It provides an awesome set of useful and most often used commands to help in app development with Laravel. But it includes the common and widely used command set only, that sometime might not be enough for our app development. For such […]

Install PHP on IIS Windows Server – Web Platform Installer


Install PHP in IIS WIndows Server with Microsoft Web Platform Installer to run PHP applications. PHP is the popular server-side programming language to build websites and web applications. Most of the web hosts supports PHP and has good collection of libraries to cut the development time. But it is not supported by IIS out-of-the-box. Why […]

Laravel In Shared Hosting The Easy Way

Custom Artisan Command in Laravel

Deploying laravel application to shared hosting without SSH

Oracle Instant Client setup in Ubuntu

Oracle Instant Client in Ubuntu

Setup Oracle Instant Client in Ubuntu machine for connection to oracle database PHP oci8 extension

Composer in Codeigniter to extend external libraries

Composer is package manager or dependency management tool for PHP