May 25, 2018

jQuery SelectList

jQuery selectList is a jquery plugin to move selected options from one select box to another. Move single, multiple or all options to another select box

Oracle Instant Client in Ubuntu
April 5, 2018

Oracle Instant Client setup in Ubuntu

Setup Oracle Instant Client in Ubuntu machine for connection to oracle database PHP oci8 extension

February 27, 2018

CSV to JSON with Javascript

Read .csv file from local machine and convert data to json string with Javascript

January 26, 2018

REDIS in CodeIgniter 3 for caching web page

Implementing REDIS as cache server with CodeIgniter 3

January 18, 2018

Composer in Codeigniter to extend external libraries

Composer is package manager or dependency management tool for PHP

January 5, 2018

Loading animation with CSS

Loading animation with CSS and HTML only with css animation property

January 4, 2018

SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt in manual mode

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate in manual mode in local/other machine other than target web server