Create WordPress Multisite with different domains


Enable WordPress mutlisite feature

Got to wp-config.php file of wordpress installation and open it in file editor. And add following line just above the line that says ‘/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing */’.

define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

Then head back to WordPress admin dashboard and got to Tools » Network Setup page to configure WordPress multisite network. Here, you can setup multisite network title, network admin email address. Then click “Install”. Then you will be given the code block to update in our WordPress installation.

In wp-config.php file, add following line to ensures users can login to each site.


Once you have added codes blocks to the respective files, you’ll need to login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

After login, we will have new menu item in the admin bar titled ‘My Sites’.

Creating New Sites

In multisite’s network admin dashboard, click on the Sites » Add New page.

Then enter Site Address, Title, select language, and then enter the admin email address for the site. Then click “Add Site”. You can add multiple sites and also edit existing site records. To make these sites accessible, we can add custom domain that we want to use to access this site by editing the site. Then we will have to point our custom domain to WordPress hosting company to make it accessible in public network.

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